Bluth Company

Bluth Company

Icelandic duo of developers that work hard but play harder

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Arnar Stefánsson

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard

Graphic designer and coder, likes to go to the movies, the gym and listen to underground electronic music from Berlin. When he’s not working he spends time with his girlfriend Anna and their cat Mario.


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Ívar Rafn Þórarinsson

Some say he taught Chuck Norris the roundhouse kick

Web developer and entrepreneur that loves making new and stylish web apps. He plays golf during the summer time and likes going to the gym in the morning. When he’s not working he spends time with his girlfriend Helga and their 2 year old daughter who is the most important thing in his life.



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The Office

Where the Rubber Meets the Road


The Bluth Company office is located on an abandoned American Naval Air base in Keflavik, Iceland. The office building itself was used by military commanders until the United States military units were withdrawn from Iceland in 2006. After the military left the area a special government owned company was founded called Kadeco. The main goal and purpose of Kadeco is to lead the development and transformation of the former defense area, now known as Ásbrú, for civilian use. The building we are now located in is used as a company hotel with many small office spaces and shared areas.
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When we say “play harder” we mean lots and lots of pool

It wouldn’t be viable as an office for the Bluth Company if there were no pool table. With dozens of games on our back we are definitely winning the trophy in the upcoming in house tournament.


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The Vault

Perfect place to store our code

We even have a vault in our office, that’s right a vault as in money vault. We’re not sure what they kept in there, it might have been for cash, firearms or top secret files. However I can tell you that it is very useful having one of these when we are reaching a project deadline and we are running out of time. Then we just lock our self’s inside and don’t come out until the project is done. That’s Total Lockdown



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